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This story begins in the early 90’s, in a small, middle class suburb of SW Houston named Alief. What distinguished this suburb from others was the melting pot of cultures and the joining of the white and blue collar workers. Growing up in Alief during this time was special. The bonds that were formed between young teenagers were more than just friendships; they were brotherhoods. Moving into adulthood, most set out to follow their own destinies in life. After traveling down their own paths for nearly two decades, three Alief men’s lives crossed paths once again. It seemed as if no time had passed between them, as they were able to pick up where they left off. The brotherhood was still intact and stronger than ever. In 2014, a year after rebooting their friendship, the three men developed an awareness of a shared enthusiasm for three things: good friends, good food and good times. With this realization, they set out on a new endeavor, creating the path of Blood Bros. BBQ.

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Our Meats

All Blood Bros. BBQ meat is supplied by the very best local Texas farms such as Black Hill Meats and 44 Farms

What People are saying…

Indeed, the Texas trinity at Blood Bros. BBQ is one of the best versions in the city. But if you look closely, you’ll see (and taste and smell) the story of Houston barbecue. The bark on the brisket isn’t just salt and pepper but includes spices that Hoang grew up with in Chinatown. The pork ribs — a canonical dish of the African-American tradition of Houston barbecue — are meaty and fragrant with a spicy/sweet rub. And the soon-to-be-on-the-menu green curry boudin is a throwback to the long Creole tradition in the Bayou City.

Far from being a static cuisine, Houston barbecue continues to change and evolve. We are fortunate to live in a city where barbecue combines history and tradition with contemporary techniques. Robin, Terry, Quy and their partners have embraced Texas and Houston barbecue traditions while expanding and reinterpreting them. It’s another chapter in our city’s delicious barbecue story. – J.C. REID

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44 Farms has been raising fine Texas meat for 4 generations.  Operated by 2 great-grandchildren;  Robert S. McClaren and Janet McClaren are continuing their families traditions.

Black Hill Meats was founded by Felix Florez in 2010 when he purchased two acres in Cypress and a handful of pigs.  They now currently have 10 acres of land and process approximately 30 pigs a week for local restaurants.

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